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Go to the End and Count Back Three, if You See Consonant + LE

The syllable pattern in REVLOC is is a departure from the Vowel-Consontant-Vowel patterns. This one is Consonant+LE. It is the L in REVLOC.

If you have not read the post on REVLOC, please read it and come back.

When you have a word with a Consonant+LE at the end, count back three letters, then divide the word. Consontant + LE is ALWAYS at the end of the word.

The C+LE endings are:
• ble
• dle
• fle
• gle
• kle
• tle
• zle
• ple

They are pronounced as:
• ble = b’l (as in bubble)
• dle = d’l (as in idle)
• fle = f’l (as in ruffle)
• gle = g’l (as in giggle)
• kle = k’l (as in pickle)
• tle = t’l (as in turtle)
• zle = z’l (as in sizzle)
• ple = p’l (as in people)

Within this syllable division type there are different kinds of words.

One, when the middle consonant is doubled.

For example: Cuddle, sniffle


Or, when there is a consonant you can hear.

For example: shingle, tangle, purple


Or, when there is a ck inside the word.

For example: crackle, fickle, freckle, pickle

In this case, when dividing the word, you DO break up the CK.


So, to actually divide a word, it would look like this:

• Cuddle (Oh! I see a C+LE!) I go to the end, count back three, and divide

Cud (closed syllable or C) dle (Cons. + LE or L)

• Purple (I see C+LE at the end!) go to the end, count back three, and divide

Pur (r-controlled or R) ple (Cons. +LE or L)

• Crackle (I see C+LE at the end! But oh no, there’s CK and I have been told to leave blends and digraphs together. RULE: In cons. + LE you are allowed to break up the CK)

Crac (Closed or C) kle (Cons. +LE or L)


Here is a worksheet to try. It asks that the student write the sound of each Consonant + LE syllable just like the list I wrote above. Not sure why this is coming out sideways, but on my computer it is right side up. Please use your viewing program to turn it or comment to me to send it to you personally.

cons + le worksheet


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