Always, Then, Last: REVLOC order

In my Orton Gillingham journey I’ve heard some who use the word CLOVER to teach syllable types. In the class I took, the word to remember syllable types is REVLOC.

The reason for using REVLOC is that this is the order of the syllable for labeling. CLOVER may be an actual word, but REVLOC will give better guidance when trying to decode a word by remembering which syllable types overrule the next.

I’ll give an example and then you can see the attached sheet for further explanation.

The syllable: tur

At first glance, it might seem that this is a closed syllable. But closer inspection tells us that the syllable is actually “r-controlled” and we have to use that rule because “r-controlled” comes before closed syllables.

Always look for R(-controlled) first.
Then look for E, V, L.
Last look for O and C.

Also included in this post is worksheet examples of syllable types for labeling and the answers.

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