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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Let’s Talk About the “Hearing-It” in Multi-Sensory. Using Phonemic Awareness in Lessons.

    We talk about Orton Gillingham being multi-sensory. Multi-sensory means we want students of OG to hear the language (auditory), see the language (visual) and use the language as kinesthetic (feel/write). When we combine these three prongs we get a multi-sensory approach, meaning all of these senses are being used by a student to learn.  The auditory portion of the multi-sensory approach often gets put on the back-burner to the “writing it” and “see it” because it is easier to go through the cards or do a worksheet, but “hearing it” is one of the most important parts of Orton Gillingham. Auditory exercises should be a part of every lesson and…

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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Syllable Types & Strategies for Teaching the Concept of Syllables

    Syllable types are a big part of Orton Gillingham teaching. Syllable types lead to syllable division, and syllable division leads to reading fluency. This video explains the REVLOC system of syllable types, the teaching order of syllable types, how to introduce the concept of syllables, and strategies for teaching closed syllables. Links: Scope & Sequence Workbooks: https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP Workbook Store: https://bit.ly/3llnvDp Sheet with REVLOC Explained in Video: https://bit.ly/3Ae04RZ Whiteboard in video: https://amzn.to/3zxk1CL SYLLABLE DOMINANCE – REVLOC In OG we use REVLOC as a Guide for Syllable Types. It’s a made-up word that gives us the syllable names for decoding words later. We start by teaching syllable types. REVLOC stands for R-Controlled,…

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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Short Vowels & Strategies for Teaching Them

    For our Reading Vowels, we start with short vowels. We have a short vowel deck with pictures to help students associate these first letter sounds with pictures. Watch to learn more tools and teaching strategies for short vowels. Links from Video: Links: Scope & Sequence Workbooks (these workbooks contain the mini-cards from the video): https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP Link to Magnet Sheets (if you want to make magnet cards/strips): https://amzn.to/3lMPD2y Link to White Board in video: https://amzn.to/3zxk1CL Link to Paper to make Cards: https://amzn.to/3EKC3We Drill Card Template (you can make drill cards on your computer): https://bit.ly/3Eb3LuO About Short Vowels Dialect Can Affect Sound The order in scope and sequence of short vowels is…

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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Get to Know the Reading Consonant Deck

    The Reading Consonant Deck is the first deck used in Orton Gillingham. This video explains the whole deck — going through each card and key words. Get to know this deck! And be sure to check out the links below. There is a free template for creating your own card decks. Link to FREE Card Template: https://bit.ly/3Eb3LuO Link to Scope & Sequence Workbooks (these books contain mini-cards to cut out and use): https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP More Workbook resources: https://bit.ly/3llnvDp Go to YouTube to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Choosing a Jewel Box

    OG For All has a new video channel! I hope you will follow along with these videos. This first video is on choosing a Jewel Box and the Card Decks within the box. Card decks are a cornerstone of Orton Gillingham’s multi-sensory approach. They help guide the see it, say it and hear it approach. Links in this video: Link to Jewel Box In Video – https://amzn.to/3hpPaBW Article (with tab explanations) Jewels of Orton Gillingham – https://ogforall.com/jewels-of-orton-gillingham/ Drill Card Template (for Jewel Box Cards) – https://bit.ly/3Eb3LuO Workbook/Worksheets Store – https://bit.ly/3llnvDp Link to Workbook Bundle — Scope & Sequence Book Bundle (4 Books) – https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP