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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Let’s Talk About the “Hearing-It” in Multi-Sensory. Using Phonemic Awareness in Lessons.

    We talk about Orton Gillingham being multi-sensory. Multi-sensory means we want students of OG to hear the language (auditory), see the language (visual) and use the language as kinesthetic (feel/write). When we combine these three prongs we get a multi-sensory approach, meaning all of these senses are being used by a student to learn.  The auditory portion of the multi-sensory approach often gets put on the back-burner to the “writing it” and “see it” because it is easier to go through the cards or do a worksheet, but “hearing it” is one of the most important parts of Orton Gillingham. Auditory exercises should be a part of every lesson and…

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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Choosing a Jewel Box

    OG For All has a new video channel! I hope you will follow along with these videos. This first video is on choosing a Jewel Box and the Card Decks within the box. Card decks are a cornerstone of Orton Gillingham’s multi-sensory approach. They help guide the see it, say it and hear it approach. Links in this video: Link to Jewel Box In Video – https://amzn.to/3hpPaBW Article (with tab explanations) Jewels of Orton Gillingham – https://ogforall.com/jewels-of-orton-gillingham/ Drill Card Template (for Jewel Box Cards) – https://bit.ly/3Eb3LuO Workbook/Worksheets Store – https://bit.ly/3llnvDp Link to Workbook Bundle — Scope & Sequence Book Bundle (4 Books) – https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP

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    Hey, Orton Gillingham, Where Do I Start?

    Where do we start? One question I think many tutors and teachers have when beginning Orton Gillingham as a teaching approach with students is, Where do I start? It’s a very reasonable question! My answer would be, start at the beginning. The reason for starting at the beginning is that Orton Gillingham is a sequential and cumulative approach – each part of the Scope & Sequence builds on the next. If you skip something, you may not realize a student doesn’t know it. Even an older student. For example, if you do not start at the beginning by pulling your consonant reading deck from your jewel box and at least…

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    Scope and Sequence Is the Ship, You Are the Captain

    A scope and sequence is a plan – the teaching of a subject (the scope) in a specific sequence.  Many subjects have scope and sequence plans. Orton Gillingham is no different – it is an extensive subject that needs to be broken down into bites for easy digestion if someone is going to teach it (and learn it). There are different scope and sequences in Orton Gillingham. The scope and sequence that is used to teach a course to those who will teach or tutor OG is different than the scope and sequence a teacher or tutor will use to teach OG to a student. In addition, not all OG…

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    REVLOC Syllable Sorting Game

    If you want to do something with a student that feels like a game, sorting syllables is a fun way to get going. There aren’t many rules. I have attached a cutout to this post for download. You can print it, cut it out and get started. You can also make more syllables and keep going once your student has conquered these. First, put REVLOC and “other” lined across the top. If your student is only capable of Open and Closed then you can put the O and C at the top and add more to the line as the student gets more advanced. “Other” is for Latin Connectives, Prefixes…

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    What’s In a Plan

    With so many kids having to learn from home these days, you may be wondering what a lesson plan in Orton Gillingham looks like. A lesson can be between 45 minutes to an hour. Lessons consist of Drills, Letter Formation, Concepts, Dictation, and Reading. Much more detail on a lesson to come… There is also something in Orton Gillingham called a Scope and Sequence – the order in which the letters and concepts are taught. The thing about lessons is that they build upon one another, so I can’t give you a lesson plan and you just go use it (without creating a whole book of plans), but I can…

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    Jewels of Orton Gillingham

    I’ve talked about how to say letters and spell letters, and SOS method of spelling in Orton Gillingham. How do you start getting these lessons to the student? The answer starts with Drill Cards. All OG lessons start with drill cards. In Orton Gillingham the “Jewel Box” is an important tool. According to the class I took, the “Jewel Box” (or Jewel Case) got its name from children, and the name stuck. The Jewel Box is a box, mine is a box that would be considered a photo box (see photo above — that’s my actual Jewel Box), that holds card decks for lesson drills. These cards should be used…