Generalization Rule Packet: OI/OY

There are three generalization rules in Orton Gillingham – OI/OY, OU/OW & AU/AW.

This packet covers the OI/OY Generalization. Included in this packet:

  • Overview of all Vowel Team Generalizations
  • Overview of OI/OY Generalization with 3×5 card cutout
  • Cloud Sheet for OI/OY Generalization
  • Worksheet – Spelling/Dictation, read/write sentences
  • Worksheet – Fill in OI/OY
  • Worksheet – OI/OY Read/underline sentences
  • Worksheet – Write as many OI/OY words as you can
  • Worksheet – Write sentences using OI/OY prompts
  • OI/OY Fluency Story: A Boy and His Coins
  • OI/OY Fluency Story (advanced version): A Boy and His Coins

(All worksheets have answer sheets)