Short Vowel Rules Packet: “CH” (-tch) Rule

There are four short vowel rules in Orton Gillingham – FLOSS, “K” (-ck) Rule, “CH” (-tch) Rule, and “J” (-dge) Rule.

This packet covers the “CH” (-tch) Rule. Included in this packet:

  • Overview of all Short Vowel Rules
  • Overview of “CH” Rule with 3 x 5 card cutout
  • Cloud Sheet of “CH” Rule
  • Worksheet – Compare & Discuss “CH” Rule
  • Worksheet – Read Sentences/”CH” Rule words
  • Worksheet – Write as many “CH” Rule words as you can
  • Worksheet – tch/ch practice
  • “CH” Rule Fluency Story: Hop Scotch Hobby

(worksheets have answer sheets)