SOS Technique Sight Word Workbook

This workbook uses the Simultaneous Oral Spelling Technique (SOS) to teach sight-words. It is 125-Pages. SOS, like most Orton Gillingham lessons, uses a multi-sensory approach to learning unphonetic words. Updated in 2023.

Included in this workbook:

  • A guide on Red, Yellow and Green sight words
  • Instructions on how to use the SOS Technique
  • More ideas for teaching sight words
  • Template for words not in this book, the template allows you to type in your own words
  • 7 lists for Pre-K and up (4th grade+), 252 words. 125 Pages.
  • Mini “cards” with each word
  • Worksheets with traceable letters, a blank for copying the word, and blanks for writing words from memory
  • Checklists for each list

For sample, please use this link: SOS Sight Word TOC and Samples