Illustrations of Suffix Rules, An Overview

Continuing with Suffixes, today I will create an overview of suffix rules. The three suffix rules are: 1-1-1 Doubling Rule, E Drop Rule and the Y-Changing Rule. I will do an overview today, but go in depth in my next posts.

1-1-1 Doubling rule is: 1 syllable words ending in 1 consonant after 1 vowel, you double the final consonant before a vowel suffix.

Why double? Because doubling the consonant after the vowel keeps the vowel short.

1 1 1 doubling illustration

E Drop Rule is: Words ending in e drop the e before adding a vowel suffix.

e drop illustration

Y Changing Rule is: Words ending in y change the y to i if there is a consonant before the y

y changing rule

This is the overview of suffix rules I will be covering in the next three posts.

Also see –ed and Latin Suffixes –ci, -si, -ti, -xi

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  1. Just found your blog as I was doing homework for my Orton class. Love it. Will return often to see what I can learn. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for posting all this! I am actually taking the class with Rosalie right now, but had to miss a couple classes recently. It has been so helpful to look at these posts to get caught up.

  3. You have done such a great job. Maybe there are a couple ladies (possibly me as well) that could help keep it up. I think it’s a great resource. Our class this year has a large group of teachers/tutors/etc…that are really excited about what they are learning. Reading your blog last summer actually was the reason I decided to pursue the training with Rosalie specifically… So thank you! By the way, I am a former classroom teacher, now homeschooling mom who has a dyslexic son (now 9) and an 11-year old girl who is not dyslexic. I began seeing some things in my son at around the ages of 5, 6 and 7 that can be common “markers” for dyslexia. At that time we were living in Mount Pleasant, SC so I got in touch with Sheila Costello, who is Fellow of the OG academy and knows Rosalie – all the fellows know each other, lol. Long story short… I ended up going through an intensive training class with her at Trident Academy in Mount Pleasant, SC, but we ended up moving back to our home in Marietta, GA shortly. I’m so glad I took the plunge with Rosalie because it has been so worth it.

    1. Awww, thank you for letting me know my blog inspired you! I LOVE Rosalie. She is a great teacher and a wonderfully witty person. I took the class to become a tutor. I tutored a few kids, but I could not make the time and money match — having to get after school care for my children. When it didn’t work out for me to tutor I decided to start the blog.

      Last year my daughter was diagnosed dyslexic. Luckily, her school (Mt. Vernon Pres) teaches OG. I also have a tutor that comes to her school twice a week. I was so glad to have taken this class.

      If you really are interested (or anyone else) I would love to meet for coffee or lunch and pass the baton for this blog. I have a good following. My biggest views in one day was 851. I just don’t feel as qualified now as I was when I started the blog being that I am not using Orton daily.

      Anyway, even if you do not want to take the blog, I am grateful for connecting with you.
      Jennifer (

  4. Thank you for all your work. My special needs students really need to learn their spelling rules this way. Your are a great instructor for other teachers and for children as well.

  5. There is a dearth of quality OG materials out there – I took the Associate level thru AOGPE, but as a working mom, when I can find easy explanations of the lessons I’m going to teach my son, I’ll grab onto it with both hands. Thanks for providing this resource!

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