REVLOC Game Online, Fun with Syllable Division

Syllable labeling and division is a major foundation of the Orton Gillingham approach.

I posted, April 2020, a REVLOC game with a printout that you could cut out and have students sort syllables. Now, with many kids learning from home, I created a sorting game online.

How To Play

The colored blocks (at the bottom of the board) are the REVLOC + Misc. for each grid square. A student will need to drag those REVLOC letters to the top of each square in the grid. They can then drag each syllable to the appropriate square in REVLOC.

If you have a student who is not familiar with one or more of the syllable types, ask them to leave that syllable type out and choose only the syllables that go under the syllable types they are familiar with.

Just copy this URL and send it to your student and they can start sorting! Manipulatives

This is a reminder of how to play the game.

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