REVLOC Syllable Sorting Game

REVLOC Sorting Cutout

If you want to do something with a student that feels like a game, sorting syllables is a fun way to get going. There aren’t many rules. I have attached a cutout to this post for download. You can print it, cut it out and get started. You can also make more syllables and keep going once your student has conquered these.

First, put REVLOC and “other” lined across the top. If your student is only capable of Open and Closed then you can put the O and C at the top and add more to the line as the student gets more advanced. “Other” is for Latin Connectives, Prefixes and Suffixes – for advanced students.

Be sure the student reads out loud each syllable when putting it in the correct placement.

I’ve attached a video for more explanation. Here is a link for cut-out download.

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