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    Orton Gillingham Coaching: Get to Know the Reading Consonant Deck

    The Reading Consonant Deck is the first deck used in Orton Gillingham. This video explains the whole deck — going through each card and key words. Get to know this deck! And be sure to check out the links below. There is a free template for creating your own card decks. Link to FREE Card Template: https://bit.ly/3Eb3LuO Link to Scope & Sequence Workbooks (these books contain mini-cards to cut out and use): https://bit.ly/2YN0XDP More Workbook resources: https://bit.ly/3llnvDp Go to YouTube to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

  • Consonants & Vowels

    Speech Pathology in OG

    Speech pathology is important in creating sounds, and this is important in Orton Gillingham because the method relies on teaching in a three-prong approach – auditory, kinesthetic and visual. For a learner with no speech issues, I think the most taught is that there is such a thing a voiced and unvoiced. Let them put their hand on their throat and feel the difference when saying “th” as the word mother versus the word thumb. Mother is voiced th, and thumb is unvoiced. Same th, but sounds differently when one is voiced and unvoiced. This can help feel the letters in the body, as well as hear the difference. If…