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I haven’t disappeared, I am taking a real estate course and it is taking up much of my time these days. The good thing is that it takes only a couple of months and I will have a license to sell real estate!

I miss writing though. So I am taking a break from studying to let you know about a rule that comes in handy when reading. The rule is called the C and G rule. What the C & G rules says is, if you have a C or a G followed by an E, I, or Y, then the C takes on the “s” sound and the G takes on the “J” sound.

Important to remember is that the e, i, or y FOLLOWS the C or G. If is BEFORE the C or G, then this rule does not apply.

Have you ever wondered why the word Cat starts with a C but Kitty or Kitten start with a K? It is the C & G rule in action.

Cat – c a t             The c says “k”

BUT, if you were to spell  Kitty, Citty, the C would no longer be “k” sound it would be a “s” sound as in “City.” So in order to keep the “k” sound, we must change the “C” in Cat to a K. Same with Kitten. If we kept that C that we use to spell Cat, we would have a Citten, and it would be pronounced “S”itten.

Here are examples of the C saying “s”:





Examples of G saying “j”:





Gentle Cindy is a great graphic to remind us of the C & G Rule.

Gentle Cindy

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