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The C and G rule. What the C & G rules says is, if you have a C or a G followed by an E, I, or Y, then the C takes on the “s” sound and the G takes on the “J” sound.

Important to remember is that the e, i, or y FOLLOWS the C or G. If is BEFORE the C or G, then this rule does not apply.

Have you ever wondered why the word Cat starts with a C but Kitty or Kitten start with a K? It is the C & G rule in action.

Cat – c a t             The c says “k”

BUT, if you were to spell  Kitty, Citty, the C would no longer be “k” sound it would be a “s” sound as in “City.” So in order to keep the “k” sound, we must change the “C” in Cat to a K. Same with Kitten. If we kept that C that we use to spell Cat, we would have a Citten, and it would be pronounced “S”itten.

Here are examples of the C saying “s”:





Examples of G saying “j”:





Gentle Cindy is a great graphic to remind us of the C & G Rule.

Gentle Cindy

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  1. Welcome back! We have been working through How to Teach Spelling this school year. We just reviewed C/G yesterday. So I have printed your page off to read! Thanks for the recommendation on How to Teach Spelling. I also just got the other book you recommended, too. But I haven’t had a chance to look through it! Thanks so much!

    1. So glad you got the books! And that my post is timely for your lesson. Feel free any time if you know what you have coming up to let me know and I am happy to make a post to go along. I have a ton of great worksheets I can share as well.

        Hi! I looked ahead! We are moving into the ff, ll, ss spelling rule, followed by the ld, nd, and st spelling rule, and then the long i spelled with y over the next couple weeks. I also have started using/reading Unlocking the Power of Print in addition to How to Teach Spelling. They are most excellent for what I need. Wish I had never bought the earlier phonics texts I did. Thanks again for your recs!!!!

        That is the FLOSS rule. I will write a post on that one tomorrow morning (before I get into my real estate studies and everything else goes out the window!). Thank you for providing me with material that is relevant!

        Also glad the books are working out. They really are great books for teaching OG.

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