We start introducing the suffix -ed by its three sounds. Students learn these three sounds then we introduce -ed as past tense. Activities in this packet will reflect this strategy. In this packet: Overview of the Sounds of -ed Strategies for teaching the Sounds of -ed with 3×5 card cutout Auditory Cards Exercise: Sort cards […]

Drill decks are a must in the Orton Gillingham approach for multi-sensory learning, in teaching phonics. Using drill cards, you can have a student look at the phonograms (visual), say the sounds and keywords (hearing) and trace the phonograms (kinesthetic). Drill Cards are used for combining sounds, building words, and much more. This product contains […]

Bundle: Scope & Sequence AND Workbooks One & Two Buy the Scope & Sequence Bundle and get 50% off Workbooks One & Two Bundle! What’s in the download? Scope & Sequence Bundle This bundle is a pdf containing all four Scope & Sequence workbooks. Workbook 1 is beginning consonant/vowels, blends/digraphs, beginning spelling rules, beginning syllables, and […]