Drill Cards (PDF Format) Orton Gillingham Based

Drill decks are a must in the Orton Gillingham approach for multi-sensory learning, in teaching phonics. Using drill cards, you can have a student look at the phonograms (visual), say the sounds and keywords (hearing) and trace the phonograms (kinesthetic). Drill Cards are used for combining sounds, building words, and much more.

This product contains two digital resources.

First, a book with phonograms, keywords and sounds, with six decks included in the book (see decks included below). You just fold the page in half and cut in half and you have individual cards. You can put these on heavier stock for a sturdy card, or just print and fold for lessons as needed. See sample.

The second resource is a group of individual files for each deck. These files are set up as a sticker template. You can print the phonogram on one sticker and the keyword and sounds on the other and attach to index cards to create decks. There are 6 separate files. See Sample.

This is a digital pdf product, so you can print as many as you need!

Sample Files:

Drill Card TOC & Sample Book

Drill Card Sticker File TOC & Sample

Decks included:

  • Reading Consonants46 cards… Consonants/Sounds, Advanced, Silent Letters
  • Reading Vowels41 cards… Short Vowel (w/ picture), Magic E Pattern, Long Vowels, Vowel Teams, “All” Sound
  • Reading Vowels with R19 cards… Basic R-Controlled Vowels, Advanced (arr, are, etc.)
  • Blends91 Cards… Blends (beg/end) (54), Word Practice (29), -ang, -ing, -ong, cards (8)
  • C&G Rule Deck16 cards… Sounds of Hard & Soft C, Sounds of Hard & Soft G
  • Reading Diacritical Markings14 cards… Long Vowels (Macron), Short Vowels (Breve), Schwa, circumflex