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There are reasons it’s hard for students to go from isolated sounds to blending. It’s not just incomprehension, it has to do with moving from doing one task, making one sound, to now doing three things, blending three sounds. It’s a jump for younger kids and includes cognitive processes, memory and phonemic awareness.

This video goes through the process of why students may struggle and activities you can use to help.

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Whisper Phones Students speak softly into the “receiver” and hear their amplified voice directed into their own ear. It’s a good multi-sensory way to say it and hear it at the same time.
CVC Cards I think these would be good to make sure the sounds are heard. I would use these interactively in a lesson. Have student fill in the letter, teacher says word elongating sounds, student says word elongating the sounds. I have not personally used these.
CVC Puzzle I like this for doing something tactile and sounding out letters. I would have students trace it after putting it together while saying the sounds. I would sound it out with them. I have not personally used these.
CVC Blending Rods with Puzzle I like this for the rods, being able to change the letters and ask the new word. It would help with phoneme work. I have not personally used this.
Bubble Popping Tool Kids can push through a bubble and say the sound for tapping.
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