Scope and Sequence Is the Ship, You Are the Captain

A scope and sequence is a plan – the teaching of a subject (the scope) in a specific sequence.  Many subjects have scope and sequence plans. Orton Gillingham is no different – it is an extensive subject that needs to be broken down into bites for easy digestion if someone is going to teach it (and learn it).

There are different scope and sequences in Orton Gillingham. The scope and sequence that is used to teach a course to those who will teach or tutor OG is different than the scope and sequence a teacher or tutor will use to teach OG to a student.

In addition, not all OG scope and sequences are alike. Different sources have slightly differing scope and sequences. You can Google OG scope and sequence and you will find slightly differing versions. That’s okay.

Does this mean everyone can just make their own Orton Gillingham based scope and sequence? No, that’s not a good idea. The OG method is cumulative and fairly specific in its order, and needs to stay that way. Teaching OG willy-nilly, in just any order, won’t be good for the teacher who is trying to teach this method the right way, and it would be worse for a student who is not learning the method properly.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity – especially in your lesson plan. And, there is space for having an opinion – is your student not ready for a certain concept? Is your class not getting a rule as fast as you had hoped? Do you, as a tutor or teacher, have a feeling something should be taught in a slightly different order than your scope and sequence dictates? Then you have the freedom to act on that feeling.

As an educator, you know your student(s). Just make sure you are not rushing anything, or trying to teach something lower in the scope and sequence too early. If you need extra time on one rule, but need to move on to the next, go back every lesson to the “trouble spot” before completely leaving it. Students should have 95% success rate before moving on from a concept.

Bottom line, the scope and sequence is the ship, but you are its captain.

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